A Multi Grade Multi Level integrated Skill based Self Learning Package for students of Class I - VIII
Home based material Book 1 (Class 1 and Class 2)
The contents aims at developing Reading writing and numeracy. Practice work on reading pictures, letters, words, combinations of sounds, short sentences, stories, and writing letters of the alphabet, words, short sentences and answering questions. Recognizing, Identifying numbers, counting, classifying, sorting, interpret simple information by looking at visuals, shapes, reading time (clock), simple addition and subtraction through practice.

Home based material Book 2 (Class 3 to Class 5)
The content covers: place value, solving simple daily life problems, measuring length and distance (meter, kilometer), weighing objects using standard units (gram, kilogram) reading clock time, Reading and understanding a story, passage, text, poem and answering questions, conjunct letters, elements of language as specified in the learning outcomes of grade 3 to 5.

Home based material Book 3 (Class 6 to Class 8)
The contents includes moving from concrete ideas of numbers to number sense, arithmetic to solve real life problems (based on Learning Outcomes and linkage with textbooks), process skills which includes planning, investigating, hypothesis formulation and testing, collecting, analyzing interpreting supporting explanation with evidences, reflecting on their own thinking, history and environmental concerns (presented in an integrated approach). Ability to read and interpret critically a text in different context, identify and use language elements (grammar, vocabulary)